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How to think IT for innovative ideas ?


1. Quick introduction of Raja
2. How IT technology has evolved from Big enterprise usage to every devices today ?
3. Technology landscape in the current scenario
  • Business Websites
  • Cloud computing
  • API
  • Mobility
  • Devices
  • AI (Big data, Chatbot, Automation)
4. Technology Partner engagement (NO DEVELOPMENT ALONE)
  • Technology Partner from conceptualization to implementation to support
  • Local co-ordination
  • Transparency and visibility in full engagement lifecycle
    • Publishing Clickable prototype, UI design sign-off, detailed Specification documentation, detailed Project plan, Architecture blue print before starting the development
    • Tasks breakdown and work hours tracked through project management portal for anytime visibility
    • Code commits were done through GIT repository where it is available for business partners to validate at any point of time
    • Continuous integration process automation to test the sprints at any given point of time by business partners.
    • Demo at every sprint delivery to show software development process to the business partners.
    • Immediate messaging groups to get answers instantly.
    • Immediate on call clarification available.
    • Everyday status update through email.
    • Weekly status update meeting.
  • Flexible engagement model
    • Fixed Cost after conceptualization with concrete plan
    • FTE Per resource utilization cost every month 
    • Dedicated team for long term projects
5. Question and Answers
Biographie de Raja, Chief Architect at iHorse
  • 20 years of hands on experience in software Architecture and Product Manager.
  • Lead strategist in defining IT strategy for fortune 100 companies with the budget of over 100 million.
  • Built and mentored high performance technology teams across geographies.
  • Significant product development experience with large enterprise global teams as well as startups.
  • Co-founded a startup platform for music industry and and successfully launched it in India.
  • Proven innovator with a patent –https: //www. google. com/patents/US8990812.
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