You have the GREAT idea
and are looking for guidance to develop it?

Paris Pionnières is the key partner for all women who want to innovate in the field of services and are looking to launch their startup. We provide founders with a dynamic environment that will help them succeed: individual and personalized counselling, community of experts, training in leadership and empowerment and office space.

So, what is «innovation» ?

Apply to the #WoDi if you are ready to launch your startup.
Otherwise attend our Women’s startup camp POSSIBLE to confirm your idea and test your skills.

WoDi Possible

Prove your concept

#WoDi (for women disrupt) is a unique acceleration program, tailored to the specific needs of each startup. Each year it provides counselling to some 40+ women, who are selected among the 600 applications we receive. Projects are evaluated on their potential for innovation, growth and job creation. We accept very early stage startups and will work with founders on their first MVP.

During all this phase you will be immersed in a rich and lively entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our coaches will be at your side to challenge you and help you find the adequate model for an optimum growth. Founders are expected to work hard to complete all the steps necessary to the launching of their startup: business model, business plan, financing, legal, team….

When ready, you will pitch your project in front of our ‘Validation Committee’, an external jury of partners, business angels and mentors who will determine if you can start your incubation at Paris Pionnières.


4 to 6 months


  • 1 refering coach to follow your project from A to Z
  • Business Plan & Digital experts on demand
  • Training in leadership and pitch
  • Access to our intranet portal
  • 72h of workshops
  • Access to the startup community
  • Access to co-working space (extra cost)

980€ TTC

Apply Now !

Reveal your entrepreneurial skills

POSSIBLE camp is a program for all women who would like to challenge their idea for a startup and discover their entrepreneurial potential. During 2 ½ days, you will be work on your leadership skills and the basic tools to start your company. You will acquire confidence and gather energy for the next steps… Within a group of 20 women, you will take part in gamestorming workshops, receive key information (market analysis, business models, business plan…) and share in the experience of inspiring entrepreneurs.

POSSIBLE camp is hosted by:

– Nathalie Renard, coach, personal branding and innovation (Nextcreativity) 
– Jean-Christophe Perrin, developer, expert Lean Startup (The Other Pole)
– Legal counsel (Satis Avocats)

With the participation of our entrepreneurs #pionnières  and of our benevolent jury.


3 days


GET INTRODUCED to entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneur check-list
  • Toolbox for launching your startup (market study/business model, business plan, legal, finding partners, financing, roadmap to your MVP)
  • Masterclass with an entrepreneur #pionnières

ENHANCE your innovation

  • World cafe
  • Draw the poster of your project


DEVELOP your potential

  • Personnal branding
  • Workshop in improvisation theater
  • Pitch your projet in front of our benevolent jury

If nominated by the jury, you will be offered a place in our #Wodi program

300€ TTC


Register here


Your are tired of hearing that your project is no innovation? Do terms like “social innovation” or “innovation in usage” confuse you? We have put together a quizz to help you understand these different concepts.

– Is it an invention?

No. Inventions are not required to innovate. Kodak invented digital photography but did not put it on the market, and Apple did not invent mp3 devices…. More than the invention in itself, it is the capacity to make people adopt your product or your service which makes it an innovation.

– Is it a new idea?

Of course, but having a great idea is not enough, unfortunately. It must be the good idea at the right time. In 1979, the Englishman Kane Kramer got the idea of a portable music device, that you would be able to connect to a remote store through your telephone line. The device was called IXI, and looked a lot liike an iPod. Kramer was imagining music downloading well before the word ever existed! He was too much ahead of his time, out of context. his His patent expired without producing any revenue. His idea became an innovation when Apple launched the iPod+iTunes store, when the environment was ready for it.

– Is it a technology patent?

Not a must. Patented technologies can, of course, add value to a startup. However, some of the greatest successes of the past years are based on a new usage of an existing technology or combines them to solve problems which they couldn’t address individually. Air BnB started competing with the hospitality industry by connecting people. Uber combined geolocalisation and peer-to-peer to revolutionize transport. Innocent industrialized smoothies for the mass market and gave access to the reselling of clothes online. In all of these, no real new technology was developed, and rather the concept and the capacity to address the market were key.

– Is it being a good manager?

Being a good manager is important to develop your business but in the early stages of a startup the ability to visualize, conceptualize, convince, and stir the interest is so much more important than managing and organizing. In other words when launching it is more important to be leader rather than a manager. In any case, whatever your situation, you do not need to have all skills. Firstly, some of them you can learn and secondly you can rely on others. For example, Paris Pionnières offers workshops which can give you some basic tools but it can also assist you in finding the adequate talents to help you.

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“On ne naît pas entrepreneurE, on le d...

Sandrine Murcia, Présidente de Paris Pionnières, a répondu a une interview pour Digital for all - le blog d'Econocom.

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“On ne naît pas entrepreneurE, on le d...

Sandrine Murcia, Présidente de Paris Pionnières, a répondu a une interview pour Digital for all - le blog d'Econocom.